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Printer Setup

and Support

Printers are essential in every business environment. When they don't work or won't connect to the network it can really throw a wrench in the gears of your daily routine and even halt the flow of business. Documentation is a key factor in certain situations for some companies. Even at home sometimes you need that printout so you can make it to a doctor's appointment on time or make it to the post office to mail it off in time.

Printers work on two levels of engineering. The hardware aspect is mechanical and the software aspect which is based on driver functionality. The driver is a piece of software that allows the computer to speak to the printer and delegate jobs. These jobs are run by a print queue which also needs to be set up properly in order for your printing to run smoothly. This is usually accessible through the Windows or Mac built-in printer options or printer software that is provided by the manufacturer, either when purchasing the printer or downloading it from their website.

Just about every printer nowadays has wireless accessibility, although if you are only using it for a desktop PC, USB is still the best option for connectivity. However, the wireless connection is ideal for laptops, tablets, and mobile phones so having both options is important for today's personal or business needs.

The good news is, we support both USB and wireless connections for printers. We can help you install a new printer, reinstall drivers and software, diagnose hardware issues and get you in touch with a printer repair company or the manufacturer. If it's an issue that is outside our scope of work, not only will we get you in touch with the help you need, but we will also send you on your way free of charge.

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