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J&M IT Consulting was founded in the heart of middle Georgia in the Swainsboro area south of Atlanta. We are a company that offers multiple IT services and solutions at notably competitive prices. We hope to revolutionize what the IT industry should represent not only for its customers, but also its employees.

The work we do not only characterizes us, but it also shows us better ways to provide solid Scope of Work strategies to set your ideas in motion. We strive to provide exceptional business value to our clients on a consistent basis. When it comes to digital business solutions, there is no challenge we will not embrace.

There is a huge sense of accomplishment on both the employee and client side when you provide straight forward quality work along with impeccable customer service. If your business is looking for a talented team that is ready to work with you on an upcoming project, please contact us for a free consultation.

Our Vision

We embark upon this journey through digital concepts spawning from the far reaches of our imagination, not only to create new intuitive landscapes for business uprisings and development, but also revolutionize the way business in the IT industry is conducted and accomplished.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of experienced, professional individuals who excel at their respectful position and take great passion in their daily work ethic. Each one of our team members is thoroughly versed in their field and prepared to contribute to every project to the best of their abilities. We are here to support you and your business needs.

Matt Jackson: Owner - Founder - CEO - CFO

Matt Business.png

Matt is a 20 year IT industry veteran from the Atlanta area who has been using computers and technology since he was first involved at the age of nine. Matt has anywhere from 5-20 years of experience in several fields including Web Design, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Networks, Technical Support, and Customer Service. Matt has worked with commercial, small business, and residential customers in multiple diverse environments assisting everyone from every day end users to clients in the hotel, medical, and legal industries throughout his tenure. 


Matt is well versed in the industry standards from both the business and customer aspect of projects. Working for major corporations such as Microsoft, Earthlink, Kodak - Practice Works, and Verso Technologies has given him vast experience and knowledge which allows him to mitigate the work flow and compose future plans to acquiesce the company's growth. Understanding the entire process, Matt knows what it takes to succeed in this industry and what it takes to make and keep clientele happy.

Dana Mahanay: Co Founder - COO - Project Manager - HR Manager

Dana Mahanay business profile.jpg

Dana is a U.S. Army military veteran with 12 years of experience in the IT industry. He used his computer expertise in the military for over a decade to ensure that their equipment ran flawlessly. He has worked on both the hardware and software side of engineering and is more than capable of getting the job done. Dana is now ready to bring his expertise to you so that all of your technical problems great or small can be resolved.

John Korynas: Quality Assurance Manager

John Korynas business profile.png

John is a 17 year IT industry Quality Assurance Guru. John has developed SQA/QC strategies for several companies including CRE Secure, Loaded Commerce and other eCommerce focused businesses working with people like eCommerce Guru Salvatore Iozzia who has owned multiple companies. John has also managed international teams in business-critical efforts to ensure that their products were tested thoroughly before being used by consumers. There is no software or web application too large for John to conquer.

Brian Erwin: Technical Support Manager

Brian Erwin Business profile.png

Brian is a 10 year veteran in the field of Technical Support working with multiple operating systems on various types of hardware and networks. Brian has assisted residential customers, the elderly in retirement homes, and small businesses. Brian has an education in IT Security, Networking, Computer Maintenance & Troubleshooting and has MTA certifications in Windows Operating Systems, Networking, and Security in the MTA IT Infrastructure track. Brian has also worked with non profit organizations such as Computers for Youth in their labs repairing and preparing donated computers for schools and underprivileged children.

After continuing education in various IT fields, Brian has remained working in the Technical Support field, with clients remotely primarily, but also in person when needed. Brian has ample knowledge of Network Security Infrastructure, Software and Hardware and will keep your client server environments running smoothly. 

Lacey Williams: Customer Service Manager - Payroll Manager

Lacey Williams business profile.png

Lacey is a 12 year Customer Service veteran who has worked in both a person to person environment as well as call centers. Lacey has a robust understanding of what it takes to bring a smile to customers. Company finances and payroll is another one of her strong suits as she has managed these departments for multiple companies. Lacey will make sure you remain a satisfied and happy customer when it comes to billing and general services.

IT Solutions
for Your Industry


We Take the Time to Understand Your Business Needs

We build customized websites around your unique business structure. Our expertise allows us to scale our solutions to your requirements, from advanced web design and QA to network infrastructure. To stay competitive in today’s marketplace you need websites designed for speed, security, and functionality. J&M IT Consulting has you covered from the digital web to the device. Our experts are technology masters with vast experience serving in all sectors of the IT Industry. Contact us today for a free consultation so we can listen to your ideas and bring them to life.

We Serve Businesses Across Multiple Commercial Markets

  • IT Industry

  • Music Industry

  • Hospitality

  • Medical

  • Food Services

  • Ecommerce

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Transportation

  • Web Services

Small Business

Low-Cost Technology Solutions for Small Businesses

From software to digital devices, technology can be a small business owner's best asset. It can help you work more efficiently, find more customers, and save money while doing so. The following are some technological essentials that can help your small business become more profitable and productive. We offer several variations of these web applications along with our web design. Contact us today for a free consultation so we can help you grow your business.

  • Time Tracking Tools

  • Online Invoicing Services

  • Remote Desktop Applications

  • Screen-casting Tools

  • Online File Conversion

  • Screenshot Tools

  • Help Desk Applications

  • Online Appointment Scheduling


Stunning Themes that are Responsive and Customizable

Seamless design skills give you complete control over the look and feel of your website, from its layout and content to images and colors. We work with a template-based design platform that allows you to make changes quickly and easily to your site at a moment's notice. This platform also allows us to build sites that come bug-free right out of the box when it comes to functionality, which is the main aspect of any website. In turn, this will save you money on QA in the future and there is no coding required when changes are made to the site.

Pricing is as Low as $23/Month for Basic Hosting Plans

Whether you sell online, on social media, in-store, or out of your car, J&M IT Consulting has you covered. Start selling anywhere for just $23/month. The basic plan allows you to accept Online Payments with 100% Commission free. It gives you Unlimited Bandwidth, 20GB Storage, 5 Video Hours, Google SEO Analytics, a Free Domain Name for 1 Year if you pay for 1 year or more of hosting, $300 in Ad Vouchers as well as a Site Booster App and Visitor Analytics App, both which are a $60 value.​ Contact us today for a free consultation so we can help grow your online business.

Music Industry

Innovative Sites that Show Off your Talent 

The music industry is extremely vying and trying to earn a living or gain exposure can be a daunting task and extremely overwhelming at times. "I have experienced this personally after playing 4 instruments for most of my life and studying at the Atlanta Institute of Music for 2 years. I know what it's like to feel and think like a musician as well as the passion and inspiration that drives you to write or play music." ~ CEO: Matt Jackson. We offer web designs that will help you distribute your recordings, reach a vast online audience, upload recordings of your live shows, sell merchandise, and even manage booking for upcoming shows and events. If you are an unsigned musician or on an Independent label we will charge you the personal website fee and not the business fee so you save $600 on the starting price. We want to help you get your music heard, so contact us today for a free consultation.

Food Services

Creative Designs to Display your Masterful Cuisine

The food industry is very competitive in this day and age and it can be a tough business without the right tools and advertisement. "My grandmother started teaching me how to cook at the age of 4 I was a self-taught chef from the time I worked in my first restaurant at the age of 12 until I was 21, so I have a profound love for the culinary arts, and food in general." ~ CEO Matt Jackson. They say good food sells based on 70% of how it looks and 30% of how it tastes. We apply that same logic to our web designs for the industry. Let's face it, no one wants to look at a dull and boring website or menu because it won't keep their attention. We will design a savory website for you with the right color scheme and layout that will attract customers to your restaurant, bakery, or online food business to boost your profit. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Simple Web Design with a Powerful Message

Blogs are simple web articles that are a listing of text, images, or other objects that are arranged in chronological order. They are often maintained and run by a single individual, updated daily, or contain personal remarks about a topic, a personal ramble, or an update on the person's life. They are basically advanced online journals or writings from an individual perspective. They can be very informative for specific topics or they can just be a person's thoughts, opinions, or ideas about their own life or other content. If you're looking for an expressive blog page to get your message out there or share your thoughts, then you've come to the right place. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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