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Quality Assurance

With 10+ years of experience working in Quality Assurance, we combine our knowledge and expertise with multiple testing strategies to provide you with a package of innovative testing services. Our approach allows us to achieve end-to-end process visibility along with smooth project integration. All of this is aimed at bringing satisfactory results to successfully move you toward your business goals.

We offer Quality Assurance testing for websites, software, or apps on both Windows and Mac operating systems for PC, Tablet, and mobile devices.

Our QA method is to leave no stone unturned when testing. We pay important attention to detail when conducting our process. This will ensure that your product is bug-free and works as intended for your clientele or customer base.

We offer the following types of QA:

Manual, Functionality, GUI, Web, A/B, Reliability, Usability, Compliance, UI/UX, Performance, Compatibility, Exploratory, Smoke, Acceptance, System, Security, Unit, Regression, Stress, Installation,  White box, and Black box testing.

We can also create test plans and test cases as a guideline for your future product testing.

Click on the image below for more information about different types of QA
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