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General OS Troubleshooting

Technical Support consists of a vast array of issues from Operating Systems to Hardware and Software issues as well as Networking problems. That's why we here at J&M IT Consulting are your go-to for all of these types of issues. We have over 20 years of experience dealing with these problems, finding permanent solutions so they will not arise in the future.

We handle all of your OS issues for Windows and Mac including troubleshooting and setting up, System, Devices, Network & Internet, Personalization, Apps, Accounts, Time & Language, Windows updates, and Security.

We also offer support for Software and Hardware installation including setup and driver installation as well as uninstalling old software and cleaning up registry entries which can cause problems if left unattended.

We support web-based email and software as well. We can help you set up your email so that it works best for your daily routine.

We will also answer any general questions you have about the Windows and Mac OS as well as questions about Software and Hardware, whether it be any program or component that is licensed to work on either Operating System. We will even help you get information from the software or hardware manufacturer and provide you with their contact information as well if it's an issue that we are unable to resolve.

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