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Creative Web Design

Our web design ingenuity is more than just aesthetics on a screen. If you think about it, people spend more time on sites that are appealing to the eye which can strongly influence their decisions when it comes to purchasing goods or choosing a business that is right for their needs. The longer a person browses the more interested they become. That's why at J&M IT Consulting we use innovative technology and take a 360 approach to look at all the possibilities that will bring your ideas to digital life, so as to not only be captivating to the audience, but accessible as well, or eye candy as we like to call it.


We offer both business and personal website solutions. All of our sites are template based which makes them easy to change or add to at a moment's notice. This ensures that the site is functionally bug-free right out of the box which will save you time and money in the future, the two most valuable assets on this planet.

We offer SEO Analytics and a large variety of template designs to choose from as well as a total of 332 website apps for both personal and business sites in the following categories:

​Bookings - Social - Forms - Business Tools - Chat - Online Store - Marketing Tools - Analytics - Music - Video - Blog - Design Tools - Hotels & Travel - Events - Photography - Restaurants

More details about these will be provided upon request.

All web design jobs will be conducted under a signed contract. We request 50% of the fees upfront within 24 hours of signing a contract (non-refundable) and the other 50% no later than 48 hours after the job is complete and the contract is finalized. Work will not begin until the non-refundable fee has been paid.

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Responsive Design
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